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Our Mission

The Mission of TCP Global is Twofold:

1. Provide affordable loans to impoverished entrepreneurs

2. Empower and strengthen effective grassroots organizations

While TCP Global has successfully established zero-overhead, sustainable micro-loan programs in a variety of settings, we primarily target an underserved niche of:

  1. Communities beyond the reach of most aid organizations
  2. Small and remote communities
  3. Displaced settlements
  4. Communities where there is a Peace Corps Volunteer to offer support
  5. Communities with a relationship to a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer to offer support


TCP Global accomplishes its missions by:

  1. Finding change-makers already working effectively to serve a marginalized community
  2. Providing funds for micro-loans to supplement their existing anti-poverty tool kit
  3. Assisting them to expand the program at their own pace
  4. Mentoring them towards success
  5. Handling the major loan tracking responsibilities


TCP Global does the fund raising, mentoring and loan tracking necessary to build zero-overhead, sustainable micro-loan programs in underserved communities. TCP Global partners with any effective grassroots organization but is particularly interested in working through PCVs and RPCVs to serve their Peace Corps communities.

TCP Global Organization Presentation