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TCP Global has worked to develop support from large foundations, but assistance from the RPCV community remains important as the network of loan sites grows. Mentors can help ensure TCP Global’s financial stability by updating RPCVs and the associated Friends-of group to make them aware of the impact of the loan program. Pictures are especially impactful.  Friends of Colombia (FOC) has been a steady supporter of The Colombia Project and TCP Global and will hopefully serve as a model for other Friends of groups for countries served by TCP Global loans. In addition to direct donations, FOC provided space in its newsletter and website to publicize loan program results and seek donations. Read more on our fundraising history here. 


Grants can be an excellent source of funds, especially when there are no strings attached. Rotary District grant funds can be an excellent source of funds, while Rotary Global grants, which come with more strings, may not be a good fit.  No matter how much money is involved, grant funds may not be worth pursuing if they require basic changes in how the loan program operates.  Read more on our grant history here.